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Our Vision: To provide first-class shoeing and the all-round package for the upbringing of young horses and the care of retired horses.  

We always know what we’re doing and we do it with passion!

For the past 20 years, we have been able to realize our dream on our family-run yard. Besides our main branch of shoeing, we have been able to convert our old existing buildings into horse-friendly stables and have specialized ourselves in raising young horses,

caring for retired horses, breeding, and foaling. Horses have been our focus for generations and we cannot imagine life without them. 

We operate on a wide range of expertise and a fine-tuned feeling for horses. 


Special shoeing: 

Orthopedic shoeing, hoof care, aluminum shoeing, padded shoeing, gluing techniques, roof reconstruction, laminitis shoeing, holistic gait analysis, and a checklist for a healthy hoof.  

Appointments at our yard in Bockstedt

Appointments at our yard in Bockstedt:


Individualized stabling options in small groups are available: Communal barns with turnout and feeding cribs, large camera-monitored foaling boxes, paddock boxes or individual stalls with field turnout, stabling and the regeneration of injured sports horses and retired horses.

Heithaus Hufbeschlag


With my self-built and equipped 

mobile shoeing van, I can offer my 

customers the best possible service. 

All specialized shoeings and emergencies 

are in the best hands with me. 


From insemination to foaling, we 

accompany your mare and her foal every 

step of the way. The management and care 

of horses are based on years of experience 

in breeding and sport. Embryo transfer management: information on request 


The foundations of craftsmanship were already established at an early age. Starting with the experience with horses during childhood, followed by an apprenticeship as a metal craftsman, then Ludger Döller as a mentor and finally the examination to become a state-approved farrier in Münster.


Fohlenerziehung und Prägung von Geburt an.

Fotoshootings und Vermarktung möglich

Hengstvorstellung zur Körung

Our Partners:

Heithaus Hufbeschlag UG . Marcel Heithaus

Heithaus 1 . 49406  Bockstedt . Germany

Phone  +49 (0) 4246 - 96 48 79 . Mobile  +49 (0) 175 - 41 27 187

instagram hof.heithaus

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