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Horse sales at Hof Heithaus

We always know what we’re doing and we do it with passion!

For years we have actively engaged and participated in competitions ourselves and have educated and presented our homebred youngsters. However, the breeding and marketing of horses is now our top priority. Selling is all about making the rider and owner happy whilst facilitating active communication between both parties. It is important to us to find the right rider and owner for each horse.

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Achievements of our horses

In the past few years we have produced and presented several stallions that have been licensed. We also take great pride in the success of our showjumpers and talented youngsters whom we gladly like to present at events and enjoy keeping in touch with satisfied customers who to this day remain in contact with us and are happy with their heart horses.

Sold horses 

Our ambition is to be one with the horse, to understand, challenge and encourage them. 

We lead our horses to the right path:           

… with our heart and soul!

Our Partners:

Heithaus Hufbeschlag UG . Marcel Heithaus

Heithaus 1 . 49406  Bockstedt . Germany

Phone  +49 (0) 4246 - 96 48 79 . Mobile  +49 (0) 175 - 41 27 187

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