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The upbringing of young horses at Hof Heithaus

We always know what we’re doing and we do it with passion!

We offer a perfectly tailored program for the upbringing of your youngster in small groups with daily exercise and professional care and education throughout the first 2 years.

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Livery options

  • Communal barns for small groups with adjoined paddocks and roughage cribs 
  • Large foaling boxes and individual stalls attached to the main house with daily, individual turnout
  • Pregnant broodmares are kept in a group until four weeks before foaling. At night, large, individual boxes are available for resting
  • Separate barn with 2 stalls and a large turnout attached behind. In/out individually possible
  • 5 large and light paddock boxes for mares and foals or individually customized livery options


Foaling of pregnant mares: We accompany pregnant mares before, after, and during the foaling period and put together an individualized package as requested. We also organize the subsequent insemination of the mare and everything that goes along with it. 

Foul education 

and training

Based on experience, the first few days and constant human contact and education of the youngsters are of utmost importance. We practice this with all of our entrusted youngsters and have achieved success. 

Embryo transfer management

We are happy to help advise you on the advantages, the procedure, and our embryo transfer service. We work closely with transport services and clinics in Haselünne and Mühlen. 

Please contact us for more information!

Stabling and regeneration of injured sports and care of retired horses

We offer sports horses the opportunity to take a short break so that they can return to the sport with vigor or find a place to retire with us.  

Farrier Know-How

More than 20 years of shoeing experience make our program of raising and educating young horses an all-round package. Everything merged into a single source, combined with passion and first-class service, make our stables the premium location for your horse. 

Our Partners:

Heithaus Hufbeschlag UG . Marcel Heithaus

Heithaus 1 . 49406  Bockstedt . Germany

Phone  +49 (0) 4246 - 96 48 79 . Mobile  +49 (0) 175 - 41 27 187

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