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We always know what we’re doing and we do it with passion!

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Marcel Heithaus

State approved farrier 

As a trained metal worker and state-approve farrier, the agricultural business has successively emerged as our yards second pillar. With many buildings and great ideas, everything was newly created by our family and external contractors.  

Marcel has learned under the tuition of Ludger Döller, attended training courses with Stefan Wehrli and is constantly evolving as a farrier. Always on the lookout for improvements and new developments, he aims to create the perfect shoeing. His neat appearance and mobile workshop reflect his impeccable craftsmanship. 

Julia Heithaus

Ambitious show jumper 

Originally from the breeding family Burgdorf, Julia came to Bockstedt in 2000 as a trained sales manager and ambitious show jumper. Since then, she has founded the shoeing company with Marcel, worked at Reitsport Schockemöhle and in 2005 and 2009 had two lovely kids: Paul and Lotta. It quickly became clear that the yard would take up more time and thus, a lifelong dream came true - farm, family and horses. Riding eventually took a back row seat, but the number of barns has increased dratsically.

Our Partners:

Heithaus Hufbeschlag UG . Marcel Heithaus

Heithaus 1 . 49406  Bockstedt . Germany

Phone  +49 (0) 4246 - 96 48 79 . Mobile  +49 (0) 175 - 41 27 187

instagram hof.heithaus

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